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What is SlideDeckApp ?

SlideDeck App is a SaaS (SoftwareAsAService ) service for image and HTML sliders. It helps you host sliders and images on a secure,
remote server.

Currently available with two themes - more to be added every week.

How does this work ?
Simple !

1. You sign up for a SlideDeckApp Account here

2. You receive login details and login to your Dashboard

3. Create sliders - just the way you want

4. Save, Update - generate a code snippet

5. Pick up the code snippet and paste it onto any site - HTML, Joomla, Drupal - any site !


You can have a Slider like this one up and running on your website in minutes! Just copy the code..

Why this is awesome !!

Autoplays the sales pitch for you
When a visitor arrives to your site, Sliders created can be set up to catch their attention! A well designed slider can get you as much sales as your best Sales team gets for you!!

Friendly Support
The team supporting the SlideDeck Plugin gives support to your Remote Slider implementation. They certainly will take care of you.

Technology Independent
SlideDeckApp is a powerful slider creation tool made for web designers. With SlideDeckApp, you can create amazing product tours for your website by organizing images into a beautiful and user-friendly slider.

Benefits of SlideDeckApp

  • Save hours of development time Save Hours of Development Time

    Why spend time writing code and fixing bugs with a custom slider, when we've done most of the work for you? Just copy the code!!

  • Actual support by friendly human beings Actual support by friendly human beings

    We stand by our products, and our support team is available every weekday to answer questions.

  • Create varied slides within one presentation Create different design slides

    Unlike most other sliders, you're not locked into one repetitive slide layout. With 2 different layouts and few more upcoming layouts, design differently for each of your needs. Get creative!

  • Hosted solution that's ready to go Hosted solution ready to go

    SlideDeckApp is carefully crafted hosted solution to produce beautiful and easy to use, but also let your content shine through.

What Our Customers Say

  • Neil Patel

    “20% increase in conversions”Neil Patel, Crazy Egg

  • Noah Kagan

    “Clean. Simple. Effective. A great way to convey any message”Noah Kagan,

  • Ryan Singer, Lead Designer

    “A cool way to spice up your design without extra programming.”Ryan Singer, Lead Designer, 37signals

SlideDeckApp is the best hosted slider solution you'll ever need. Simple, powerful and easily customized.